Anti-corrosion Coating Works (Blasting & Painting)

Achieved over 3,000,000 m2 of Blasting and Painting Works in the Oil and Gas Industry

OIL TECH OIL AND GAS SERVICES LLC is the leading provider for onshore and offshore surface preparation, surface protection services – coating, fireproofing, deploying & Scaffolding.

We have been decisive and implemental in the progress in this field and provide our customers with the most diverse solutions for a cost-efficient and long-lasting protection of their installations.

Services Offered:

  • Corrosion survey and risk assessment.
  • Protection coating and relocating.
  • Piping, Storage Tank & Steel Structure Coating.
  • Surface Preparation & Coating work is carried out at our own facility and also field locations utilizing the latest technology equipment and processes.
  • Surface preparation by means of compressed air and machine blasting.
  • Cleaning, stripping, alkaline cleaning, manual and mechanical processes.
  • Airless blast cleaning.
  • Airless spraying.
  • Surface protection.
  • Organic Coatings or Linings.
  • Metal Coatings.
  • Non-Metal Inorganic Coatings.
  • Using a range of abrasives from sweet sand through to Garnet 30/60 mesh Size, depending upon Client’s requirements. Surfaces are prepared to the required profile prior to paint or coating application.
  • Sandblasting is carried out as per SSPC SP12 Standards.
  • Internal and external coating services for pipe lines and vessels, using manual/ automatic wrapping.
  • All components used in a painting/coating procedure are tested following application for D.F.T., using special instruments.
  • Blasting and painting procedures detail maximum time between blasting and painting in variations of humidity.



Highly efficient Paint-and-lacquer materials

Can be used for highly aggressive aqueous and Hydrocarbon solutions

Increases equipment overhaul life from 5 to

10 years

Corrosion monitoring

Experience 2 million meter square of anticorrosion works

Blasting & Painting Works

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