Fire Stopping Works

OIL TECH CONTRACTING W.L.L. Fire Stopping works offers customer safe environment by compartmentalization of blocks and by insulation of fire in a room. Oil Tech offers Complete Passive Fire protection for the building as per UL design recommendation.

Oil Tech Fire stopping works has detailed involvement on the building fire safety plan and work closely with the material manufacturer. Oil Tech offers Qatar Civil Defense listed products, Like STI and our scope of service as follows.

Our Fire stopping Scope includes but not limited to the following:

  • Wall Penetration/Blank Openings
  • Slab Penetration
  • Wall to Wall Joints
  • Slab to Slab Joints
  • Head of Wall Joints
  • Engineering Judgment for on site conditions

Passive Fire protection elements are designed to control fire growth and spread through the erection of barriers that minimize the spread of fire, smoke, and hot gases. Such systems are said to compartmentalize or contain fire to the point or origin thereby allowing occupants time for safe egress and fire fighting personnel time for safe ingress to perform search and rescue. Passive fire protection systems may also enhance structural integrity. Examples of Passive fire protection includes fire resistive rated floors and walls, fireproofing materials for structural elements, fire doors and fire dampers. Firestopping is an essential element of an effective passive fire protection system.

No passive fire protection system is complete without proper fire stopping systems. As service elements penetrate fire resistive rated walls and floors, unsealed gaps around them will allow the spread of flames, smoke and gasses thereby neutralizing the effectiveness of such barriers. Installation of fire stopping materials to seal the gaps around such penetrations restores the integrity of the barriers and maintains hourly fire endurance rating.

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